1. Define SRE in your own Words- 2 Lines
    SRE integrates itself in different phases of a process lifecycle (i.e. Planning, Design, Develop, Implement, Support)
    Its major funcationality is to automate work, achieve agreed SLAs and manage incidents and post-morterms.
  2. Define 3-4 bullets points on migrating process of Ops to SRE?
    Identify repititive work
    Plan Toil
    Automate the work
  3. 3 Charactertics to identify Toil in SRE
    Increased Productivity
    Unwanted Meetings\Discussions
  4. 1 line explanation of SLI – SLO and SLA
    SLI – It gives you the metric of your services on how it is performing.
    SLO – The required goal set by the SRE based on client SLA which should be achieved by your SLI.
    SLA – Service agreement which is committed to the client.
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