Day 1 – Assignment 2 – Shashank

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  1. Define SRE in your own Words- 2 Lines
    Answer : Is mainly concern about the uptime and reliability of the prod system and mostly works and develop software and automation around it.
  2. Define 3-4 bullets points on migrating process of Ops to SRE?
    Answer :
    Automate repetitive task
    Implement tooling
    Think as a software developer while solving problem statements.
  3. 3 Character tics to identify Toil in SRE
    Answer :
    Repetitive manual work.
    Alerts which comes and go automatically with out any actions.
    SLO/SLA not set properly.
  4. 1 line explanation of SLI – SLO and SLA
    Answer :
    SLI – Direct measurement of a service’s behavior
    SLO – Defined time system is able to service after checking SLI’s. Internal agreement.
    SLA – Is agreement between service provider and customer for the up time of service. Usually lower than set SLO.
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