Day 4 assignment

  1. what is terraform?

Terraform is a provisioning declarative tool that based on infrastructure as a code paradigm. It helps to evolve the infrastructure safely and predictably. Terraform is a multiple purpose composition tool. It composes the multi tiers and a plugin based architecture model. It is a open source and backed by hashicorp company and hashi tao.

2. one example terraform program

resource “aws_instance” “demo” {

ami = “ami-00831fc7c1e3ddc60”

instance_type = “t2.micro”

tags = {

name = “Demo System”



3. List 5 terraform commands and its use

import – import existing infrastructure into terraform.

apply – build or changes infrastructure.

get – download and install modules for the configuration

validate – check wheather the configuration is valid.

plan – show changes required by the current configuration.

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