Day 3

  1. What is kubernetes?

Open source platform used for managing and maintaining and deploying a group of containers.

used to manage multiple docker host that is container. Designed by google but it is maintained by the cloud native computing foundation .

  1. 5 reasons of using kubernetes
    1. Scalability and portable
    2. high availability
    3. can run in any platform(developed in go)
    4. better application development
    5. open source and flexible

  1. Each kubernetes Components
    1. kubelet : Responsible for conveying and passing information from the api server. It conveys to the master node to get the information to pass to the server.
    2. kubernetes proxy: It runs on every node .It is a networking service. Helps in making services available to external .
    3. Scheduler :allocation of pods and for Assigning work to worker
    4. Etcd : a value accessible to all and for Storing all Data of kubernetes clustor
    5. API sever : It as all the kubernetes api and All the Services of function and resources managed
    6. Controller Manager :for Controlling all the worker state and to handle nodes from multiple containers

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