Day 3 assignment

1.what is kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a container orch which manages the multiple docker hosts. The container tools develops in Go language. Kubernetes is a open source and it was developed by google but donated to the cloud native computing foundation.

2. 5 reasons of using kubernetes

  • The problem of scalability can be solved by using kubernetes.
  • Transparency: if a problem occur it will be easier where to look.
  • Time savings
  • By using kubernetes we can config the files and version the infrastructure.
  • Reliability problem can be solved by using kubernetes.

3. Kubernetes components

  • kubeadm – for all components of k8 and admin tool
  • Etcd – for all the services of k8
  • Scheduler – Scheduler will assign the work to the workers
  • Controller manager – it is used for controlling all the worker state and it controls the component that embeds the cloud specific control logic.

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