*What is kubernetes?

It is an open source platform which is container orchestration ,Developed by google and in go language.kubernetes manages multiple dockernet hosts. kubernetes can run on any platform like cloud, aws helps in managing and deploying containers at a is used for automating software deployment, scaling and management.

*5 reasons of using kubernetes

-easy deployment of software and also containers

-it brings dynamism(better architecture)

-it helps to solve devops problems easily and fastily

-it improves speeding time to market

-it runs in any environment

-helps in building multi cloud strategy

*Each kubernetes Components & write 2-3 lines about each one of them

kubelet: It is a software agent that runs continuously on every node of the cluster. The kubelet ensures that the containers run in Pods in a healthy manner

docker -for holding the containers with libraries and files necessary for software

kubectl-kubectl is your cockpit to control Kubernetes. It allows you to perform every possible Kubernetes operation .it is client for kubernetes api

kubeadm-Kubeadm is a tool built to provide best-practice fast paths for creating Kubernetes clusters.It performs the actions necessary to get a minimum viable, secure cluster up and running in a user friendly way

kube proxy-It maintains the networking rules and protocols on the nodes. It is a network proxy that runs on each node in the cluster to ensure seamless and secure networking

Network Driver-used for networking driver

Controller mgmr-it embeds core control loops shipped with kuernetes.controllers help to watch loops in which state cluster is ,then make or request change

Schedular-in which assigns pods to nodes .these determine which nodes are valid placements for each pod

Etcd-it stores all its data its configuration and states along with metadatait also stores api objects and service discovery

API Server-it validates and configures data for api objects including services ,replication controllers etc.these provide rest operations

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