Day-2 assignment

what is docker?

 Docker is an open source containerization stage. It empowers engineers to bundle applications into containers—standardized executable components combining application source code with the working framework (OS) libraries and conditions required to run that code in any environment.

what is container?

A container could be a commonplace unit of package that packages up code and every one its dependencies therefore the application runs quickly and faithfully from one computing atmosphere to a different.

Advantages of Docker

Portability of software easily




Cost effective usage of resources

top 10 commands

Docker info- it displays the images, number of containers and version of docker

Docker images-Displays the number of images

Docker ps-List of runnimg containers

Docker start container- to start container

Docker rm CONTAINER- removes the container

Docker pause CONTAINER- pauses the running of container

Docker unpause CONTAINER- to restart the running of container

Docker exec -it CONTAINER bash- To enter inside the container

Docker inspect CONTAINER- detailed information on constructs controlled by Docker.

Docker run itd ubuntu – to run ubuntu in docker

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