Chef Introduction

1)What is Chef

A chef is an open-source configuration management tool that uses Ruby to develop essential building blocks like recipes and cookbooks. It is an automation tool that converts infrastructure to code. It focuses on writing code instead of using the manual process. This feature enables Chef to manage and configure multiple systems with ease. The code can be tested and continuously deployed using Chef.  

2)10 Advantage of Chef

  1. Accelerating Software Delivery
  2. Accelerating cloud Adoption
  3. Manage Datacenters
  4. A streamlined IT operation workflow
  5. Continuous delivery
  6. Deploy and manage servers and applications
  7. Automate tasks across numerous servers
  8. Opensource
  9. Increasing Service Resiliency
  10.  Improving Risk Management

3)How to install Chef Workstation

  • We need to login in the chef workstation page
  • Next we need to select the linux as a platform.
  • After that we need to download then we will get an link .
  • we get this link.
  • Copy this to the putty, mingw server and download the packages of the chef.
  • Workstation will be installed sucessfully.

4)One Example Program of Recipe

file ‘/opt/first.txt’ do
action :delete

file ‘/opt/content.txt’ do
content “This is my first program of chef”
mode 755
owner “root”

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