Box introduces framework to apply machine learning to cloud content

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Cloud content management company Box has unveiled Box Skills, a framework for applying machine learning tools such as computer vision, video indexing, and sentiment analysis to stored content. Box Skills will facilitate businesses to re-imagine the business processes considered as impractical to digitise or automate or too expensive.

At BoxWorks 2017, Box previewed three initial Box Skills currently in development, leveraging machine learning tools from IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to solve common business use cases, including:

Audio Intelligence: Uses audio files to create and index a text transcript that can be easily searched and manipulated in a variety of use cases; powered by IBM Watson technology.

Video Intelligence: Provides transcription, topic detection and detects people to allow users to quickly look up the information they need in a video; powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Image Intelligence: Detects individual objects and concepts in image files, captures text through optical character recognition (OCR), and automatically adds keyword labels to images to easily build metadata on image catalogues; powered by Google Cloud Platform.

David Kenny, Senior Vice President, IBM Watson and Cloud Platform, said: “Box Skills is an extension of our strategic partnership with Box aimed at helping businesses work more efficiently, solve challenges and seize opportunities for innovation.”

Scott Guthrie, EVP of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise division, said: “Box Skills brings together Box’s cloud content management and Microsoft Azure’s industry-leading AI services to deliver intelligent insights for customers.”

Box also launched Box Skills Kit, a set of developer resources for building custom Box Skills. Box Skills Kit will enable an ecosystem of cloud services providers, independent software vendors, systems integrators, and enterprises themselves to create custom Box Skills implementations.

The company also demonstrated its Box Graph technology at BoxWorks 2017. It is an intelligent network of content, relationships, and activity that Box will leverage to power new experiences and services for both individual Box users and enterprises. Box launched the first new experience powered by Box Graph, called Feed. It is a personalised activity feed that curates and surfaces the most relevant updates, insights and content for each Box user.

Jeetu Patel, Chief Product Officer for Box, said: “Box Skills and Box Graph represent a truly practical application of intelligence for the enterprise, ensuring our customers can realise incredible value from every piece of content they have in Box.”


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