AWS Wrecked Havoc on few Cryptocurrency Exchanges by Allowing Users to pick up Bitcoin for Prices below $1


A Tokyo-based interruption in the Asia Pacific region of Amazon’s well known AWS cloud computing system caused havoc on some cryptocurrency exchanges operations on 23rd August. The following confusion let a couple of dealers run away like robbers.

A few of the crypto exchanges affected in the scene included are Singaporean trade BitMax, Korean trade KuCoin, and Binance. As more number of organizations depend on AWS for web servers and other related frameworks, these platforms rapidly felt the impacts of the confined blackout.

The Binance trade is seeing issues universally, as per its CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, who tweeted:

AWS is having an issue, mostly with caching services, affecting some users globally. We are working with them and monitoring the situation closely.

— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) August 23, 2019

Due to the overheating of part of our chassis in the machine room we deployed in AWS, Tokyo, part of our services might become unavailable,

KuCoin stated in a community announcement. Few cryptocurrency traders tried to put limit orders at very low costs, with the thought being to catch incredibly cheap crypto in case some dark swan occasion happens, and a flash crash follows.

Moreover, the issue caused the exchange’s dealers to confront inaccurate market information, compelling venues to react. Accordingly, BitMax briefly suspended exchanging on its platform. Binance enabled trading to proceed; however, intensely stopped deposits and withdrawals. KuCoin said “some services” may be affected while they are working to fix the problem.

BitMax has declared in its Telegram channel that it is stopping withdrawals, even though it is yet not confident that the price information is sourced from their platform. Different sources suggest that the screenshot may show the data from a different exchange.

Few brokers appeared to have accomplished the remote possibility on that day, as the AWS blackout seems to have caused an order book crash on BitMax because of incorrect information before the platform delayed the operations. At that juncture, it enabled a few of the clients to get Bitcoin for the price below 1 dollar.

Even though Bitmax didn’t confirm the exchanges that occurred on their platform, BitMax has reported an immediate stop on withdrawals. Furthermore, it shows that a few brokers had the option to finish Bitcoin exchanges for as low as $0.32, based upon Citex exchange’s order book.

When identifying the traders, it is not clear what plan of action these platforms would have as the clients being referred had limit order trades filled in understanding with exchange infrastructure. Maybe organizations could ask these clients pleasantly to restore a bit of the fund; however, there might be a minimal direct plan of action.

Moreover, projects and companies over the crypto economy depend on AWS for infrastructure. The benefit of this powerful infrastructure is that it makes a lot of things operationally simpler for these clients. The drawback is that AWS can give a single point of failure when things go astray.

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