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1)What is DevOps?

DevOps is a approach to bring changes in the mindsets of engineers, the culture of different teams to work together as a single team to bring the objectives of the organization like Quality release of software, Immediate release and cost reduction. DevOps is to automate all things. DevOps bring the changes like communication, continuous feedback, automation which is missed in other models like Waterfall, Agile. Focus of DevOps is to enhance the communication between Dev team and Operations team

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2)10 Advantanges of the DevOps

  • Increase Collaboration
  • Reduce waste and pain areas
  • Faster Feedback
  • Automation
  • Quick release cycle
  • Reduced time to recover
  • Increased efficiency and performance
  • Continuous feedback
  • Deliver Quality software
  • Better Customer experience

3)Top 10 Tools used in DevOps?

Build tool : Maven

Versioning: Git

Integration: Jenkins

Testing: JUnit

Deployment : Docker

Code Analysis: SonarQube

Packaging Management: Jar

Repository Management: Artifactory

Performance Monitoring: New Relic

Security: AppScan

4) How to implement DevOps?

Automate all steps

code -> Build -> Integrate -> Test -> Release -> Deploy -> Operate.

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