Assignment 6 Confluence

  1. What are top 5 use cases of Confluence?
    ans: Writing product requirements
    Build a release planning page
    Create customer interview pages
    Create sprint retrospective and demo pages
    Make better development decisions
  2. What is Space Vs Blogs Vs Pages
    ans: Pages are great for when you want the information to last and evolve over time. If it’s a point-in-time update or one-time communication then a blog post is the way to go. These aren’t hard-and-fast rules; they’re just pointers to give you a place to start.Spaces are Confluence’s way of organizing content into meaningful categories.
  3. List out Top 20 Macros of Confluence with one short intro
    ans: Advanced Roadmaps Macro
    Anchor Macro
    Attachments Macro
    Blog Posts Macro
    Change History Macro
    Chart Macro
    Cheese Macro
    Children Display Macro
    Code Block Macro
    Column Macro
    Content by Label Macro
    Content by User Macro
    Content Report Table Macro
    Contributors Macro
    Contributors Summary Macro
    Create from Template Macro
    Create Space Button Macro
    Excerpt Include Macro
    Excerpt Macro
    Expand Macro
    Favorite Pages Macro
    Gadget Macro
    Gallery Macro
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