assignment 5 jira

  1. What are top 10 use cases of Jira and give short explanations of each use cases
    ans: Issue tracking
    Customizable workflows
    Estimation & work logging
    Progress reporting
    Scrum boards
    Kanban boards
    Project-level permissions
    Project backlogs
    Email notifications
  2. Write down step by step process of adding custom fields in Jira issue with screenshot attached of each step
    ans: Select settings > Issues.
    Under FIELDS, select Custom fields.
    Click Create custom field. Make sure to select All to view the available field options.
    Select the type of field you want to create and click Next. See a list and descriptions for the available custom field types in company-managed projects.
    Add the details for your field.
    The name you select appears as the custom field’s title wherever the field appears. The description appears below the field when creating and editing issues, but not when browsing issues.
    When you have entered the field details, select Create.
    Add the new custom field to one or multiple screens by ticking the corresponding box and click Update.
  3. Write down step by step process of adding New workflow in Jira with screenshot attached of each step
    ans: Choose Projects and select a starred or recent project, or choose View all projects and select a project.
    From your project’s sidebar, select Project settings > Workflows.
    Click the edit pencil to the right of the workflow.
    Do either or both of the following:
    Click Add status to add a new step to the workflow (you can add existing statuses or create new ones)
    Click Add transition or drag from a node on one status to another to add a transition
    Click Publish Draft.
  4. List of Top 10 tasks to be done by Jira Administrator
    ans: Setting up Jira
    Configuring User Permissions
    Optimizing Workflows
    Prioritize Security
    Avoid Unnecessary Workflows
    Align Jira with Business Goals
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