Assignment 3

What is kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system for automating,scaling, managing and software deployment. Kubernetes also known as k8.and the tools is very portable,extensible for managing containerized workloads and services.

5 reasons of using kubernetes

portability and flexibility

multi cloud capability

Increased developer productivity

Kubernets has elobarate security precautions

Optimizing the It costs

Each kubernetes Components & write 2-3 mins about each one of them.

API server:All the services like managing resources and functionalities handled in api server.

ETCD: Etcd is a distributed key-value storeof Kubernetes. It stores and replicates the Kubernetes cluster state.To run etcd, you first need to have a Kubernetes cluster and the command-line tool configured to communicate.And used for storing all data of kubernetes cluster.

Schedular:The schedulerÔÇÖs responsibility is to assign pods to nodes within your cluster. The scheduler will use information such as compute requests and limits defined within your workload.For assigning container to wporker also this schedular component helpful

Controller mgmr:

The Kubernetes controller manager is a collection of controllers bundled within a single binary and run in a single process.

–> Node controller:┬áResponsible for identifying changes in nodes within the cluste

–>Replication controller:┬áResponsible for maintaining replications of objects in the cluster

–>Endpoint controller: Responsible for provisioning of endpoints

Kube proxy:for connecting networking services.

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