Cloud computing is the future of every organisation. The technology offers a solution which helps organisations in managing data, without the problem of a mandatory physical presence. It provides a combination of hardware and software hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process our data. Few of the industry tech giants involved in the cloud computing industry are — Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, however, there are now several startups who are providing seamless cloud computing services.

To make oneself acquainted with this advanced technology and its trends, one must learn this sector through various online or offline cloud computing courses and training. Surviving in this cloud era demands special skills that businesses are struggling to fulfil in existing or new job roles. This article discusses the top 10 cloud computing certification courses for IT professionals.

Please note that this is not a ranking.

Jigsaw Academy in association with Manipal Academy of Higher Education
Jigsaw Academy is a professional learning platform, which empowers individuals to master new skills and achieve their career goals by pursuing industry-relevant courses. It operates as a part of Manipal Education which has been a global provider of top-quality higher education for the last six decades. This professional certification course aims at redefining the learning experience for both students and professionals. MaGE has also partnered with several banks and IT sector companies to train and up-skill their workforce. The self-assessment quizzes at the end of each course are designed to help in gauging the readiness of the subject before taking the final exam to clear the certification.

Flagship Cloud Computing program: PG Certificate Program in Cloud Computing

Duration of The Program: 6 months

Cost of the program: ₹ 88,500

Cities of Operation: Bangalore

Course content and USP of the program: The PG Certificate Program in Cloud Computing is an innovative program which is designed to provide all the requisite skills to help one seek a relevant career in cloud computing. This is a 6-month online course. Currently, this is the only program in the industry to give a lab experience for every task performed on cloud platforms.

The program aims at becoming the industry’s most comprehensive cloud certification program and comprises of 300+ hours of online learning including 70+ hours of live online lectures on weekends by industry experts. Taught using the official courseware of AWS Educate, this course help learners build a strong foundation on Cloud Essentials, Cloud Foundry, Google Cloud, OpenStack, and specialise on AWS. It also helps students to gain in the confidence to qualify multiple certifications such as AWS Solution Architect, Associate/AWS Developer, Associate/AWS Certified Sysops Administrator.

Great Learning
Great Learning is an ed-tech company which offers programs in the career of critical competencies such as analytics, data science, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, DevOps, and full-stack development. These programs are fairly popular among professionals who aim to build competencies in these emerging areas to secure and grow their careers. The company focuses on creating industry-relevant programs and crafting learning experiences that help candidates in learning, applying and demonstrating capabilities in areas that are driving the future.

Flagship Cloud Computing program: Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing

Duration of The Program: 6 months

Cost of The Program: ₹ 1,25,000 + GST

Cities of Operation: Online

Course Content And USP Of The Program: PGP CC (Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing) is designed to provide the candidates with a hands-on experience of the industry. The course covers all the core cloud technologies like containers, microservices, cloud security, DevOps, cloud architecture, migration, deployment etc. which are taught on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms. This approach helps amateur IT professionals gain a solid foundation and those with some experience to get a more structured and nuanced understanding of Cloud.

The candidates also get an opportunity to learn from and engage with veteran industry professionals working in the domain with giants like Dell, Microsoft, Adobe etc. The learnings are not just limited to the course work but they also provide mentorship and career guidance to the students to help prepare them for things like interviews. The course is further enhanced during group projects and classroom interactions with experienced peers having 8+ years of work experience on average.

Established in 2010, Simplilearn enables professionals and enterprises to succeed in the fast-changing digital economy. The company provides outcome-based online training across digital technologies and applications such as big data, machine learning, AI, cloud computing, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and other emerging technologies. Operating from San Francisco, California and Bangalore, India, this training provider has helped more than one million professionals and 1,000 companies across 150 countries in their trained, acquiring certifications to reaching their businesses and career goals.

Flagship Cloud Computing program: Cloud Architect

Duration of The Program: 352 hours (Live virtual classes with self-paced learning)

Cost of the program: ₹ 44,999

Cities of Operation: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, 1 in Singapore, and 2 in the US.

Course content and USP of the program: The Cloud Architect program is designed to turn learners into an expert in cloud applications and architecture. This course will enable the candidates to master the core skill sets required for designing and deploying dynamically scalable, highly available, fault-tolerant, and reliable applications on two of the top Cloud platform providers — Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The program will also give an in-depth understanding of cloud services such as AWS Cloud formation, Azure resource manager, EC2, S3, Route53, VPC, Azure App Services and more. Overall, the learner will acquire the knowledge and skills for passing cloud architect and developer certifications and will be able to apply for any of the widely recognised cloud-related roles, whether be it, cloud architect, cloud developer or cloud engineer.

Founded in 2012 by two Stanford computer science professors, Coursera has the vision to provide anyone, anywhere with access to the world’s best education. Professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng have put their courses online for anyone to take. It has taught more learners in a few months than they could over an entire lifetime in the classroom. Currently, Coursera has expanded to reach more than 40 million people and 1,900 businesses around the world. On Coursera you can find online courses, specialisations, certificates and degrees from 190+ world-class universities and companies, including Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Google, IBM, and more.

Flagship Cloud Computing Program: Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

Cost of the program: Free enrolment

Cities of operation: Online

Course content and USP of the program: This course introduces IT professionals to important concepts and terminology required to work for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It teaches about several computing and storage services available in Google Cloud Platform — including Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud SQL, and BigQuery, and also talks about the comparison between them. Students can also learn about important resources and policy management tools, such as the Google Cloud Resource Manager hierarchy and Google Cloud Identity and Access Management. It also offers hands-on experience in labs, which provides foundational skills for working with GCP.

This course can be applied to multiple specialisations or professional certificates programs. Completing this course will count towards the learning in any of the following programs:

Developing Applications with Google Cloud Platform Specialisation
Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine Specialisation
Cloud Engineering with GCP Professional Certificate
Architecting with Google Compute Engine Specialisation
Cloud Architecture with GCP Professional Certificate
Networking in Google Cloud Platform Specialisation
Security in Google Cloud Platform Specialisation
Began as an experiment in online learning, Udacity is formed by Stanford instructors Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig. Their course — “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” course is available online to anyone, for free, with over 160,000 students already enrolled in more than 190 countries. With a mission to democratise education, the company aims at providing education on a global scale. Udacity believes that it would take several years of intensive iteration and experimentation to clarify the real focus on career advancement through mastery of in-demand skills, and that’s why it offers aspiring learners across the globe the opportunity to participate in, and contribute to, some of the most exciting and innovative fields in the world.

Flagship Cloud Computing Program: Nanodegree program to become a Cloud Developer

Cost of the program: ₹ 22,299 per month

Cities of operation: Online

Course content and USP of the program: The course starts by teaching the fundamentals of cloud development and the process of deploying AWS. It also includes building different apps, leveraging microservices, Kubernetes clusters, and serverless application technology.

The key ingredients of the course are:

Cloud Foundations
Full Stack Apps on AWS
Monolith to Microservices Scale
Development and deployment of a serverless app
Spring People
Founded in 2009 by IIT alumni, SpringPeople is an enterprise IT training provider with 500+ courses and 750+ clients. The company provides training programs in emerging and niche technologies like machine learning, AI, DevOps and big data, aiming at helping IT enterprises with their most challenging training needs.

The training programs offered by SpringPeople, are powered by LnDCloud, an enterprise training platform, providing enterprise reporting, detailed analytics, customisable workflows, and a fully automated end-to-end training orchestration. The strong growth of the company is being driven by the leadership team with several years of delivery management experience clubbed with a highly-experienced, process-driven, dedicated team focused on customer success and trainer engagement.

Flagship Cloud Computing program: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for Developers Training

Duration of The Program: Classroom – 3 days and Live Online Training – 18 hours

Cost of the program: ₹ 19,995

Cities of Operation: Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon and UK

Course content and USP of the program: The GCP training course covers the fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform and its specialisations. This course introduces professionals to important concepts and terminology for working with the platform. The course further makes the professional learn and compare, many of the computing and storage services available in Google Cloud Platform, including Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine, and Google Container Engine, which prepares you for the Google Cloud Certification.

The course comprises of several topics, which includes:

Best practices for application development, Google Cloud client libraries, Google Cloud SDK, Google Firebase SDK, and an overview of data storage options
Best practices for using google cloud datastore and performing operations on Buckets and Objects; best practices for using Google Cloud storage, handling authentication and authorisation
Using Google Cloud pub/sub to integrate components of the application, adding intelligence to the application
Using Google Cloud Functions for event-driven Processing, managing APIs with Google Cloud endpoints, and deploying an application by using Google Cloud Cloud Build, Google Cloud Container Registry
Execution environments for the application and debugging, monitoring, and tuning performance by using Google Stackdriver
The program is taught by industry veterans with years of experience in the field. With hands-on training using Cloudlabs, participants master the application development through Google Cloud Platform and also learn how to use GCP services and pre-trained machine learning APIs to build secure, scalable, and intelligent cloud-native applications. Real-time code analysis and feedback is also a distinguishing feature of this program.

A global e-learning platform, Edureka provides live instructor-led training in trending technologies such as AI, data science, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and cybersecurity. The company offers short term courses, which are supported by online resources, along with 24×7 lifetime support. Edureka has an unwavering commitment to helping working professionals keep up with evolving technologies.

Flagship Cloud Computing program: AWS Architect Certification Training

Duration of The Program: 15 days for the weekday batch and 5 weeks for the weekend batch

Cost of the program: ₹ 19,995

Cities of Operation: Online

Course content and USP of the program: AWS Certification Training from Edureka is specifically designed to provide in-depth knowledge about the AWS architectural principles and its services. The program will be conducted by industry practitioners, who will train the students to leverage AWS services to make the AWS infrastructure scalable, reliable, and highly available. This training is completely aligned to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA) Exam.


With Edureka’s instructor-led sessions, one will be able to effectively deploy secure and robust applications on AWS. The course will help you identify the appropriate AWS service based on data, computation, or security requirements, and provides hands-on experience in signing-up for AWS free-tier account, creating an S3 bucket through Console and AWS CLI, and launch an EC2 instance. This certification training is designed for IT professionals who want to pursue a career in cloud computing and become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

edX is a non-profit e-learning platform founded by MIT and Harvard, which collates thousands of online courses across the globe for in-demand skills and technologies such as AI, ML, data science, digital marketing, business and management, project management, cybersecurity, and cloud computing from 140+ top ranking institutes of the world — Oxford, Columbia, Berkeley. The platform also offers a free audit option, and low cost affordable online certifications.

So far, approximately 21 million students and working professionals have been able to advance their career with these online courses. As a global nonprofit organisation, edX is transforming traditional education, removing all barriers of cost, location and accessibility. Fulfilling the demand for people to learn on their own terms, it is also reimagining the possibilities of education, providing stackable learning experiences including the groundbreaking MicroMasters programs. edX delivers courses for curious minds on topics ranging from data and computer science to leadership and communications.

Flagship Cloud Computing program: Computer Science for Business Professionals

Duration of The Program: 6 weeks

Cost of the program: Audit for free; Certificate for ₹ 6500

Cities of Operation: Global

Course content and USP of the program: This Computer Science course is designed by the Harvard University for business professionals. The course is designed for managers, product managers, founders, and decision-makers more generally. Whereas CS50 itself takes a bottom-up approach, it critically emphasises in mastering low-level concepts and implementation details, whereas, this course takes a top-down approach, emphasising mastery of high-level concepts and design decisions. Through lectures on computational thinking, programming languages, internet technologies, web development, technology stacks, and cloud computing, this course empowers the professionals to make technological decisions. People emerging out of this course always holds a first-hand appreciation of all the workings.

The key ingredients of the course are:

Computational thinking
Programming languages
Internet technologies
Web development
Technology stacks
Cloud computing
Inventateq is a software training company engaged in the business of providing job training for all types of IT courses, which are used in the real world industry environment. The company partner with companies and individuals to address their unique needs by providing training and coaching, which will help the working professionals to achieve their career goals. It also offers training in disciplines such as cloud computing, DevOps, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, digital marketing, RPA tools, web development, big data Hadoop, and data science, where technologies and best practices are changing rapidly and the demand for qualified candidates are significantly increasing.

Flagship Cloud Computing program: Introduction to Cloud Computing

Duration of the program: 2 months

Cost of the program: ₹ 15,000

Cities of Operation: Bangalore and Chennai

Course content and USP of the program: With the course — Cloud Computing Training, IT professionals will learn the concept behind Cloud Computing and the different models of cloud computing, along with the key differentiators of different models. The course also introduces the students to the virtual world of AWS, along with AWS key vocabulary, services and concepts.

Alongside, the biggest USP of this cloud computing course is providing the ability to quickly respond to demand spikes and teaching the way of hosting new business application faster without the need for an internal IT department. The mind share of the IT world is towards separating applications and services from the underlying infrastructure so that IT departments can be more flexible in supporting the business

A unique and stand-out USP of Inventateq is the offer of a 100% guarantee of job placement. The company has got a collaboration with 500+ IT companies from the industry, that helps the trainees during their placement. Trainees at Inventateq are also provided with unlimited interview calls, till the time they are placed. Practical oriented domain-specific training is also provided to the enrollees, to suit the needs of the industry.

Established in 2012, CloudThat provides cloud training and consulting services for mid-market and enterprise clients across the globe. The company holds expertise in major cloud platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. It is uniquely positioned to be a technology source for organisations looking to utilise the flexibility and power cloud computing provides. Additionally, it focuses on empowering IT professionals and organisations with leveraging cloud, big data and IoT. The company aims at delivering high-quality training and consulting services with best practices.

Flagship Cloud Computing program: All Access Learning Pass

Duration of The Program: 1 year

Cost of the program: ₹99,000

Cities of Operation: Bengaluru, Mumbai, USA, and the UK

Course content and USP of the program: With the aim of achieving mastery in the field of cloud computing, All Access Learning Pass (AALP) is a way for IT professionals to master in cloud platforms and offerings. AALP is a pass to attend any of our courses for 1 year, and during this period, the student will have the freedom to choose courses from different technologies like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IoT, DevOps, blockchain, machine learning, big data, etc.

The course also flourishes people with multiple cloud skills, and skills on DevOps, big data, data science, etc. are needed. It also provides dedicated training coordinators for clearing any doubts and helping the students with their resume building and job placement assistance.

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