ZeroNorth Demonstrates the Path to Secure DevOps at RSA Conference 2020

ZeroNorth, the first provider of risk-based vulnerability orchestration for applications and infrastructure, today announced it will demonstrate the capabilities of its platform at RSA Conference 2020, February 24-28, in San Francisco, CA. At the ZeroNorth booth, #5360 in Expo Hall North, attendees can see full platform demos, gain insight into the true cost of vulnerability discovery programs through the company’s new TCO calculator and learn how they can participate in a partner challenge ZeroNorth is sponsoring during the event.

“Since software has become such an integral part of our daily lives, the importance of strong software security cannot be overstated,” said John Worrall, CEO of ZeroNorth. “Software powers cars and airplanes, is responsible for personal financial and healthcare information, plays a number of different roles in the political process and elections, and much more – so it better be secure. As DevOps culture continues to take hold, it has never been more important to make sure security and development teams work closely. And as shifting realities push them apart, ZeroNorth is bringing them back together.”

Platform Demos
At RSA Conference, ZeroNorth will demonstrate how its platform fundamentally improves security across applications and infrastructure while creating significant savings and freeing resources consumed by traditional software security programs. Key functionality of the ZeroNorth platform the company will highlight includes:

Rapid AppSec and Open Source Tooling: By embedding open source scan tools directly within the platform, ZeroNorth empowers customers to quickly jumpstart critical AppSec initiatives.

Ingestion and Compression to Consolidate Units of Work: By correlating vulnerabilities uncovered by disparate scanning tools, ZeroNorth eliminates tedious manual tasks and significantly eases the remediation burden for developers. The ZeroNorth platform compresses multiple issues into a single “unit of work” that developers can fix quickly.

Target Discovery and Application Mapping: By identifying the scope of technology assets, including infrastructure, services and applications, the ZeroNorth platform enables organizations to group and align risk in order to establish proper security governance based on intrinsic risk factors.

Software-Defined Security Governance: By defining the toolsets, security gates and policies driving decisions, the ZeroNorth platform enables organizations to maintain frictionless communications between security and development teams. This enables organizations to maintain effective security governance by tracking activity and reporting on results to gain a coherent picture of risk.

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