Why DevOps and cloud are essential to digital transformation

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Today, companies opt for cloud services because it supplements existing business infrastructure and makes it nimble and potent. But, leveraging the cloud to modernize business isn’t that feasible as it may appear. The primary challenge of companies is to reform the existing IT architectures to bolster delivery of innovative products and services, upscale the market position, and create operational efficiencies. The second challenge focuses on the same line but centers on abating the traditional ways of operations that are embedded in a company’s workflow fabric. But, it often comes as a surprise that companies find the second challenge a greater hindrance compared to the first. This is where DevOps can assist organizations. DevOps breaks down walls between development and operations and thereby enables software to be developed in shorter cycles.

But, how should a company start on DevOps?

Firstly to understand DevOps processes and tools, CIOs can initiate pilots projects on non-business critical applications such as brochure sites, marketing sites, and short-lived campaigns. Once that is done, organizations can carry and implement the experiences and knowledge from non-critical to mission-critical processes.

Furthermore, while leveraging the cloud for digital transformation companies have to tackle several cultural and organizational challenges. With incisive thinking and the right approach, CIOs can achieve digital transformation by harnessing the power of the cloud.

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