What is Pod in kubernetes. Exaplin in 15 points with image as an example

  1. Pod is the smallest execution unit in kubernetes
  2. Pod is not a physical entity. it is a logical entity.
  3. Pod is a group of one or more container
  4. Pod will contain one main container and other sidecar containers
  5. Storage and network will be shared among different containers inside a pod.
  6. pod lifecycle is pending, running, succeeded or failed.
  7. It will start in pending phase
  8. If any primary containers starts OK, state will change to running.
  9. If any containers terminated with failure state will changed to failed.
  10. If a node dies, the Pods scheduled to that node are scheduled for deletion after a timeout period.
  11. an ip will be assigned to each node.
  12. pods can communicate each other via pod network
  13. recommended model is one container per pod