What is devops and how it works

Ansible is a configuration management tool where the server(s) (hardware and software)configurations can be automated. It is owned by RedHat and is open source and is written in python.

It is easy to use and can run on any machine (linux or windows) ad helps in managing server(s) configuration management

Ansible architecture components:

1.User —>Admin

2. ACS —> Ansible control server—> management node

3. ARS —-> Ansible Remote server (Host 1 ,2 ….n)

It has 3 main components of ACS:

1 . Ansible —> tool which should be installed on linux and has plugins , modules, executables, and config files embedded in it.

2. Ansible Inventory —-> It contains a list of ip addresses of ARS(Ansible remote server)

3. Ansible Playbook —> It is a script containing modules which runs on ARS