VMware Carbon Black Developer Day 2020: Bringing DevSecOps to the Fore


Developer Day is a VMware Carbon Black’s virtual event that connects intermediate to advanced security developers with Carbon Black experts to learn advanced API and integration techniques. The event takes place Tuesday, May 12, starting at 11 a.m. EST.

Developer Day, which occurs the day before VMware Carbon Black’s Connect 2020 virtual conference, focuses on automating workflows by integrating the security stack. Attendees will hear from the VMware Carbon Black developer relations team, as well as their partners who have implemented the product APIs.

Here’s what attendees can expect at this year’s Developer Day:

How to build an open source toolkit to enable security operations using Carbon Black’s complete platform API.
How to use Red Canary’s suite of tools to enable a variety of security operations.
Demos of the latest capabilities.
How to get started with Carbon Black Cloud Event Forwarder.
Explore the Binary Analysis SDK, the newest addition to the developer toolbox at Carbon Black Cloud.
A demo of a bidirectional integration between VMware Carbon Black EDR and Lastline Defender.
Discover what’s coming in the Carbon Black Developer Network.
Participants will have a chance to be entered into a raffle to win Developer Day swag and other prizes. For more information and to register, visit the Developer Day website.

Hear more about Developer Day as Scott Lundgren, CTO of VMware Carbon Black, discusses what’s in store during the four-hour event with MediaOps Managing Editor Charlene O’Hanlon.

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