Top 5 ways Ansible course can help you advance in your career

Where is Ansible Used?
In simpler terms, Ansible makes it easier to create computer software and processes. It can be mainly used to automate three types of tasks:

Configuration management: It can be used to change the configuration of an OS, start or stop services, install or update applications; or to perform other configuration tasks.
Provisioning: Ansible can easily set up the various servers you need in your IT infrastructure.
Application deployment: Ansible is widely used to make DevOps easier by automating the applications to the production systems.
As more and more organizations are realizing the value of Ansible in managing servers efficiently, the demand for Ansible professionals is on an all-time high. In such a scenario, doing an Ansible course can be extremely useful for your career growth.

Ansible certification not only introduces you to the basics of Ansible but also the advanced topics such as Playbooks, Loops, Patterns Ansible inventory, Configuration Management, Loops and Roles, Conditionals, Ansible With Vagrant, and more.

5 Ways Ansible Can Help You Advance Your Career
Here we are discussing the top ways in which learning Ansible can be a game changer for your IT career.

1. High paying jobs in Ansible
With Ansible, you can accelerate your career with the best DevOps jobs which are undoubtedly some of the highest-paying in the tech industry. All these DevOps skills mostly revolve around configuration management, provisioning, and IT automation. And with the knowledge of a robust platform such as Ansible, you can not only do all the automation tasks like software provisioning effortlessly but can also ensure that DevOps is implemented successfully in your organization.

2. Increase productivity
Using Ansible not only increases the productivity of the business but also makes you much more efficient in your career. You can use Ansible for any task or project at work that requires a consistent environment and repeatable processes such as installation and configuration of applications, provisioning IoT devices, and application deployment. Besides speeding up processes, Ansible also has many other advantages such as lowering the costs of infrastructure management as well as enhanced speed for scalability.

3. Multiplied information power
As one of the most popular open source automation projects with an active community, Ansible users can learn quickly and benefit from other experienced Ansible experts to advance in their respective careers. The result is faster automation process movement at the workplace.

As the main advantage of Ansible lies in automating the complex tasks to make it easier for IT administrators, it allows them to put more focus on other aspects of the business that help deliver more value to the organisation. All in all, Ansible makes it easier for teams to work collaboratively and focus on other important things.

4. An accelerated career with accelerated automation
Because of the fact that Ansible is agentless, and can be set up in no time without installing anything on the servers, it allows Ansible professionals to accelerate the automation process to bring great results. One of the primary reasons why Ansible is hugely popular as compared to other automation mechanisms is the fact that it is significantly easier to learn and implement for anyone willing to excel in their careers using this robust IT automation engine.

5. Extremely easy to begin
Learning Ansible makes complete sense for IT professionals as it is a powerful yet extremely simple to-set-up platform. Once set, you can easily handle complex tasks by automating them.

The best part is that it doesn’t require a computer science degree to read and learn Ansible. You can use Ansible to update programs and configuration on hundreds of servers simultaneously with the process being same whether you’re managing one computer or many.

The Way Ahead
If all of this isn’t enough, Ansible also provides Ansible Tower, a GUI platform that allows you to perform various tasks at the click of a button.

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