Top 10 commands of DataDog. (Ananthu)

  1. datadog-agent version : To know the current version of the Datadog agent running on the system.

2. datadog-agent status: To know the current status of the datadog agent installed on the system.

3. datadog-agent health: To run the health-check on the datadog agent.

4. datadog agent hostname: To know the hostname on which the datadog agent is running.

5. datadog-agent –help: To display command usage.

6. datadog-agent flare: flare gathers all of the Agent’s configuration files and logs into an archive file.

7. datadog-agent check <check-name> : to run the specified checks.

8. datadog-agent secret : to list the detected secrets.

9. datadog-agent configcheck: to check configurations

10. datadog-agent integration: To manage the integrations.

The datadog-agent integration command has four subcommands:

install: install a specific version of an integration
remove: remove an integration
show: get the version number and other information about an integration
freeze: list the Python packages for all installed integrations

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