The Upgrade: These Four Apps Will Help You Outsource Your Most Annoying Tasks
Whoever said adulting was going to be fun, lied. Ok, we take that back, there are definitely some awesome sides to being a grown-up like running your own business, traveling the world with your girls or living the good life with bae. But the rest, we can live without. IJS.

Standing in long lines at the supermarket, and spending precious weekend time cleaning and doing laundry are on the long list of things that were conveniently omitted when they sold us on this adulting thing. Freeing up your time to do the things you actually want to do (which could include doing nothing at all #selfcare), is priceless, and a luxury many people would gladly pay for.
01. Handy
Cleaning, fixing, and plumbing…oh my! It’s not that we can’t do all these things ourselves, but who really wants to, especially when time is already limited during the day? With Handy, you can outsource these tasks (especially the cleaning!) to vetted professionals in your area who would just love to change your lightbulbs and scrub your stove – for a fee of course!
02 Rover
Our furry babies mean the world to us, but just like human babies, they require a lot of time and attention. However, it can be hard to show them the attention they deserve when you’re out of the house working eight hours or more a day. Enter Rover. Use the app to book dog walkers and pet sitters in your area who will treat your fur mini like one of their own until you get home.
03 Instacart
Everyone wants to eat, but no one wants to wait in long lines at the grocery store – and with Instacart you don’t have to. Instacart allows you to shop from your favorite local supermarkets, and once your “cart” is full, simply pick a delivery time that works for you. Kick your feet up until your groceries arrive.
Tide Cleaners
Anyone who tells you that they actually like doing laundry can’t be trusted. Laundry has to be one of adulthood’s most annoying, but necessary tasks. Thankfully, one of America’s leading laundry detergents, Tide, is helping to ease the pain of your laundry duties by taking it out of our hands altogether. The new Tide Cleaners service brings personalized washing, folding, dry cleaning, and alterations directly to your fingertips. While the service isn’t everywhere just yet, Tide expects to roll out 2000 more locations by next year.

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