The 10 best tech jobs that pay the highest salaries


Tech jobs dominate the top 10 jobs in America, in terms of salary, number of job postings, and opportunities for growth, according to a new report from job search engine Indeed.

Most of the tech roles topping the list, including full stack developer, data scientist, DevOps engineer, Salesforce developer, and cloud engineer, make an average base salary of over $100,000, Indeed found.

“As every business morphs into the digital version of itself, the demand for workers with highly technical abilities is increasing far faster than supply,” said Indeed senior vice president Paul D’Arcy in a press release. “The result is a rapid growth in open, unfilled jobs and increases in salaries for the talent that can fill these roles.”

Seven of the top 10 jobs are software engineers and developers, while the others are tech managers.

“Software engineers and other technical roles continue to dominate many of the top positions for employer demand and competitive pay,” D’Arcy said in the release. “But there are certainly opportunities in other sectors, with roles in management, engineering, and healthcare in high demand.”

Here are the top 10 tech jobs in America.

1. Full stack developer
At the top of the list, full stack developers have an average base salary of $110,770. These developers are responsible for both front and back end work. There are currently 641 job openings for these developers, representing a 122% year-over-year increase since 2013.

2. Data scientist
Coming in second on the list, data scientists make an average base salary of $129,938, with 360 open jobs in this field right now. Job postings for data scientists have grown 108% since 2013.

3. DevOps Engineer
Indeed currently lists 731 open DevOps engineer positions, with average base salaries of $123,165. DevOps engineer positions grew by 106% in the past few years.

4. Salesforce administrator
Salesforce administrator jobs increased by 103% since 2013, with 80 current openings on Indeed. The average base salary for these administrators is $89,702.

5. IT engineer
With 41 open positions, IT engineers make an average base salary of $85,563. These positions grew 89% in recent years.

6. Salesforce developer
Salesforce developers remain in demand, with 230 open jobs and an average base salary of $108,089. These developers grew in number by 83% since 2013. Earlier this month, IBM and Salesforce announced a new partnership that will allow Salesforce customers to use IBM Watson along with Salesforce Einstein to generate deeper insights from their CRM data. The brand likely needs more developers as it increasingly uses AI and machine learning.

7. Quality engineer
Quality engineers,who manage the development, operation, and maintenance of IT systems and enterprise architectures, make an average base salary of $71,111, with 311 current open positions nationwide. These positions also grew in number by 83% since 2013.

8. Digital project manager
With 58 job openings, digital project managers grew in demand by 75% in the past few years. Their average base salary is $73,169.

9. Cloud engineer
Cloud engineers can expect an average base salary of $118,878, with 217 current job openings on Indeed. These positions grew in number by 67% since 2013.

10. Management consulting analytics manager
Demand for management consulting analytics managers grew by 66% in recent years. With 47 open jobs in the field, these managers make an average base salary of $90,994.

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