Thales deploys eSIM subscription platform on Google Cloud

Thales has deployed a public cloud version of its embedded SIM (eSIM) remote subscription platform on Google Cloud to help telcos manage the increase of mobile subscription for eSIM-capable devices.

As part of the initial deployment, the platform, which Thales touted is GSMA-certified, will be accessible by telcos on Google Cloud in more than 200 countries and territories.

“By collaborating with Google Cloud teams, we have designed a global service to answer the exponential demand for new eSIM devices,” Thales mobile connectivity solutions SVP Emmanuel Unguran said.

“This hybrid infrastructure is a springboard to innovative IoT applications in a standardised and interoperable security framework. By achieving GSMA certification our cloud-based solution provides a trusted and compliant platform for telecom operators.”

Last September, Australia’s incumbent telco Telstra extended its eSIM functionality to consumer and small business customers.

The technology has been within Australia’s incumbent telco since 2017 when it launched Telstra One Number.

Apple has supported eSIMs since the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR round of announcements, while Google has supported eSIM since the Pixel 2.

Optus owner Singtel first started supporting eSIMs in January 2017.

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