Automated deployment tools mitigate the risk of human error in DevOps

Source:- Seemingly endless options abound for IT shops automating application and infrastructure deployment. And that’s exactly the problem. DevOps methodologies and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) software development processes have unleashed an explosion of automated deployment tools all designed to streamline this pipeline. IT and development organizations cobble together complex tool chains that orchestrate the application lifecycle, from code development and integration to testing and production deployment. Many tools originated to solve a particular problem, e.g., automated system configuration

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DevOps is More Than Just Automation

Source:- DevOps is a lot of things. What DevOps is, what DevOps does and how an organization adopts and implements DevOps tools and practices are largely subjective, but there are some foundational elements that are fairly ubiquitous. One of which is automation. As pervasive as it is, though, DevOps is not automation and automation is not DevOps. The Preface of “The DevOps Handbook” lists a number of prevailing myths about DevOps, including the idea that DevOps is just “infrastructure

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