Survey Sees Surge in Demand for DevOps Skills


Clyde Seepersad, senior vice president and general manager for training and certification at The Linux Foundation, said the 2020 Open Source Jobs Report shows that as more workloads shift to the cloud in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of organizations looking to embrace best DevOps practices is increasing substantially. The report finds 70% of respondents are more likely to hire an IT professional with cloud computing skills.

Based on a survey of 175 hiring managers and 900 IT professionals with open source expertise, the report also finds that despite the economic downturn brought on by the pandemic, 37% of hiring managers say they will be looking to hire more skilled IT professionals in the next six months.

The report also finds 93% of survey respondents report difficulty finding open source talent. An overwhelming 81% of hiring managers said recruiting open source talent is a priority for 2020, with 56% looking to recruit IT professionals with open source skills in the next six months. Nearly two-thirds (63%) said their organizations have begun to support open source projects with code or other resources for the explicit purpose of recruiting individuals with open source software skills.

More than half of hiring managers (52%) said they are more likely to hire someone with a certification, while 80% of survey respondents reported providing online training courses for employees to learn open source software. Nearly three-quarters of organizations (74%) are now offering to pay for employee certifications, according to the survey results.

An equal percentage of hiring managers also identified Linux as the most in-demand skill they seek in new hires, while 63% also said they are looking for IT architects who can build solutions based on open source software.

Seepersad said given the difficulty attracting talent many organizations are focusing more on training their existing staff rather than trying to recruit talent in an open market where demand for open source expertise remains high.

The talent pool is more global as more organizations become accustomed to working with staff who are now largely working from home, which, coupled with current economic realities, is limiting how much organizations are willing to pay for IT talent. More organizations are also keen to make sure there is a cultural fit with their organization when hiring, he added.

In general, it’s clear more IT organizations will need to focus on growing their own farm teams with open source DevOps skills rather than hoping to lure away superstars from other organizations. Rather than simply trying to fill open positions, organizations need to think more in terms of acquiring and managing talent in the same way a general manager manages a sports franchise.


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