20 most popular Commands for Docker

docker -version : gives the currently installed docker version.
docker run : creates a container from an image.
docker ps : lists down all the containers which are running.
docker ps -a : lists all the running and the exited containers.
docker stop : Stops a running container
docker kill : kills a running container immediately, if its taking too much time to stop, one can kill it.
docker commit : creates a new image of edited container on local system
docker rm : deletes a stopped container
docker images : lists down all the docker images stored locally.
docker push : used to push an image to docker repo.

Popular Plugins of Jenkins

Docker Plugin
Maven Integration
Amazon EC2
Slack notification
SonarQube Scanner
Green Balls

Configure SMTP Server in SonarQube

To configure SonarQube Email Notifications Navigate to Administration > click on Configuration -> scroll down to Email Section, fill the SMTP details as per requirement.

For Example : Gmail SMTP.

  • Email prefix: Prefix will be prepended to all outgoing email subjects – SonarQube Email Notifications

From address: Emails will come from this address – Gmail ID in this case.

From name: Emails will come from this address name – SonarQube Email Notifications

Secure connection: Type of secure connection – starttls

SMTP host:

SMTP password: Email ID password

SMTP port: Port number to connect with SMTP server – 587/465

SMTP username: Username to use with authenticated SMTP – Email ID

Once your configured SMTP settings in SonarQube Email Notifications , send the test email if it is working

Login to Gmail and check if email is received from sonarqube.