Overview of Kubernetes with Architecture Examplained!!

What is Kubernetes?
Kubernets also called as K8s is a framework to manage multiple containers automatically by providing facilities like load sharing, aotu scalling, self healing etc. With help of either JSON or Yaml we can state our desire to Kubernet and it can be done without any manual intervention.

Why Do we need Kubernetes?

We need Kubernets becuase of below reasons:-

  1. load balancing
  2. Storage Orchestration
  3. Self healing
    – Benefits of kUbernetes?
    1. As stated in above pointers, if traffic is higher to container, Kubernet can distribute that network traffic to other containers by load balancing mechanism which is a huge benefit of Kubernet
    2. it can control where you want to mount data automatically with the instruction/desire stated to it by Yaml or JSON.
    3. Consider if any port goes down then it can automatically takes care of that, by either restarting or allocating new port to amaintain the traiff flow.
      – How Kubernetes works aka Kubernetes architecture with image
      1. Container → Pod → Cluster
        – What is POD?
        POD is an atomic unit for a container to execute on Kubernet clustuer. PODs are smallest deployable unit on Kubernets.