Optio3 To Bring Microsoft Azure Cloud and Azure Maps To Commercial Transportation Fleets


Optio3 announced an integrated Microsoft Azure IoT and Optio3 remote operations monitoring solution to commercial transportation, motor coach, and transit fleets. Optio3 already uses Azure Maps and Azure Cloud and is looking at utilizing the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform. The initial focus is on serving the aftermarket tractor, trailer, truck, bus, van, and motor coach market of existing fleet vehicles. This collaboration is the natural extension of Microsoft and Optio3 joining the Smart Transportation Council, whose mission is to orchestrate remote operations management product development activities across OEMs, to advocate open standards, and to help OEMs deliver streamlined and more powerful solutions to fleet owners and operators at a lower total cost of ownership.
Microsoft announces new capabilities for Azure IoT Central
“MCVP combines over forty Microsoft Azure Services into one simple and easy to use the platform, which helps in Rapid Application Development for different use cases to unlock data in IoT for the Automotive / Transportation segment,” said Sri Chandrashekar, CEO, and co-founder of Optio3. “Optio3 is excited to combine Microsoft Azure Maps, Azure Cloud and MCVP, be part of the Azure ecosystem, and create solutions for our customers.”
Tara Prakriya, General Manager, Azure IoT Mobility and Connected Vehicles, Microsoft Corp. said, “Microsoft is frequently approached by major commercial transportation fleets regarding leveraging Microsoft Azure Cloud, Azure Maps, and the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP) for their existing vehicles. We welcome Optio3’s expertise in the specific use cases associated with freight hauling, commute, and transit operations that deepen our offering to these enterprise customers.”
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