New Relic & AWS form product development partnership


New Relic and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have formed a five-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA), committing to increased product integrations and development, and joint go-to-market activities designed to help customers accelerate and de-risk their cloud adoption journey.


“AWS is delighted to establish a strategic collaboration with New Relic as we share a common commitment — helping customers innovate and migrate faster to the cloud,” says Amazon Web Services AWS sales and marketing vice president Matt Garman.

“This collaboration integrates New Relic’s comprehensive observability capabilities with industry-leading cloud services from AWS to accelerate the value New Relic can offer to clients.”

Joint customer benefits of the SCA include:

Collaboration to simplify the discovery and adoption of New Relic One by AWS customers.
New Relic and AWS will collaborate on making it easy for developers to send telemetry data from AWS services into New Relic One, improving observability and accelerating their cloud adoption.

Consolidated purchasing and billing through AWS Marketplace.
New Relic One is now available in AWS Marketplace, allowing customers to consolidate their billing by purchasing New Relic One directly through AWS. New Relic One is also available through both the AWS Marketplace Seller Private Offers and AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO) programs.

Joint go-to-market activities.
The companies will engage in co-marketing and co-selling programs built around incentives and accelerators that create more value for customers.
“New Relic and AWS are coming together to create an incredibly compelling go-to-market and technology alliance designed to help the world’s developers build more perfect software in the cloud,” says New Relic CEO and founder Lew Cirne.

“Our vision for this strategic collaboration is to expand New Relic’s reach, making it just as easy and seamless for developers to purchase New Relic through AWS, as it is for consumers to buy goods from third-party sellers on”

New Relic One is a cloud-based observability platform built to help customers create software.

It includes:

Telemetry Data Platform to collect, visualise, and alert on all types of application and infrastructure data at petabyte scale. It is designed to be a single source of truth for all operational data.
Full-Stack Observability to easily analyse and troubleshoot the entire software stack across APM, infrastructure, logs, and the digital customer experience in one connected experience.
Applied Intelligence to detect, understand, and resolve incidents faster.
“AWS and New Relic have successfully worked in lockstep over the years to address some of the biggest cloud challenges facing customers across the region. Many are facing increasingly complex IT and business environments comprising multiple cloud architectures across different locations. In partnership with AWS, New Relic has successfully helped customers accelerate their cloud migration journey, optimise their cloud resource consumption and costs, and scale for their biggest days,” says New Relic Asia-Pacific and Japan executive vice-president and general manager Dmitri Chen.


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