Neptune Software partners with CloudAdmin to help customers optimize cloud computing costs

STUART, Fla., April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — NEPTUNE SOFTWARE, a leading provider of low code, rapid application software, announced its referral partnership with CloudAdmin. This partnership will allow Neptune Software customers to take control of their cloud costs with CloudAdmin’s optimization platform. In contrast, CloudAdmin customers can rethink the way they build and develop applications by eliminating backend fragmentations and cutting development and training costs.

Powel Gieniec, CEO & Founder, CloudAdmin, commented, “CloudAdmin and Neptune Software are partnering to deliver our cutting edge, best in class, cloud cost optimization platform to Neptune Software’s portfolio of customers. Neptune Software and their Neptune DX platform provides faster development, code reusability, and far better change management. We’re proud to align ourselves with Neptune Software to deliver lighter, faster, optimized solutions. Neptune Software’s low-code, rapid application development platform, combined with our cloud optimization platform means delivering valuable applications, while maintaining them at reduced costs and without impacting performance.”

“We are very excited about this strategic partnership with CloudAdmin,” said Martin Beringer, CEO, North America of Neptune Software. “Neptune DX Platform puts the customer in the driver seat when it comes to controlling their cloud strategy, and CloudAdmin will add further value by allowing our customers to optimize their cloud computing cost.”

About Neptune Software

Neptune Software is a global company with more than 550 customers and over 2,000,000 end-users that is dedicated to empowering enterprise IT teams with a single digital experience toolset from which to drive business outcomes. Neptune Software helps accelerate your enterprise application development projects and realize your digitalization strategies—all to increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and business efficiencies. Neptune Software and its modern rapid application development platform (Neptune DX Platform) lets you overcome even the most daunting IT landscapes to quickly enable users with cutting-edge apps that change the way they do business.

For more information, contact:
Karina Belyea, Marketing Manager – North America

About CloudAdmin
CloudAdmin offers a cloud optimization platform that works with Azure and AWS, delivered through partners, to customers worldwide. Some of the unique features of CloudAdmin’s solution include an ability to manage the complexity of reserved instances, visibility into cold resources to optimize savings, visualization of cloud spend data to understand where costs are in real-time, alerts for savings which exceed user-defined thresholds, and weekly reports.

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