List of Top 11 Application Server in 2021

An application server is a type of server that is designed to install ,host and operate applications and associated services for end users, organizations and IT services . It gives the facility to the hosting and delivery of high-end consumer or business applications, which are used by multiple and simultaneously connected local or remote users.

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What is Application Server examples…

Few examples of application servers are as follows..

  1. web server
  2. media
  3. bussiness logic
  4. web server integration
  5. APIs
  6. ascyrnomous javascript
  7. mobile server
  8. desktop application
  9. internet of things
  10. system
  11. integration
  12. high avilablity
  13. cloud devlopment
  14. microservices

What is the purpose of application server ?

The main purpose of the application server is listed below:

  • A method for reducing the size and complexity of the client programs.
  • For the need to cache and control the data flow for better performance.
  • A method for using security for data as well as end-user traffic.

Although they can have a different purpose, not all application servers are used for the same functionalities set. For example, someone might need it for scalability; others might need it for better managing applications for the web, etc.

 How does application server work?

They are commonly used in a web-based application that has 3 tier architecture. The position at which the application server fits in is described below:

  • Tier 1 – This is a GUI interface that resides at the client end and is a thin client.
  • Tier 2 – This is called the middle tier, which consists the Application Server.
  • Tier 3 – This is the 3rd tier which is backend servers.
What is Application Server: Definition, Types, Examples, Working, Advantages
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What is difference between Web server and application server?

Web ServerApplication Server
Web Server is a computer program or a computer that runs the application.An application server is a sever type that helps you to host applications.
It is responsible for accepting HTTP requests from clients and serving back that HTTP responses.It exposes business logic to the clients, which generates dynamic content.
Subset of the application server.Superset of a web server.
Web servers are used for producing produce static or dynamic, hypertext documents.Application servers use for text document generation for the computation on provided data.
Web servers need a web browser to display the result of the HTTP request. This is commonly known as an HTTP response.The client-side application is need to continuous data exchange between the application server and client application.
It provides an environment for server-side programs to execute and produce HTTP response in results.The application server offers an ambiance to expose the functionality of the software installed at the server-side to the clients.
Web servers are accessed using HTTP request and HTTP protocols.Application servers are accessed using APIs.
The result is a hypertext document storing the information which is displayed to the user on a web browser.The result is XML, JSON, and HTML, etc. files that contain required data and can serve a special purpose depending upon the user’s needs.
The web server delivers static content.The application server delivers dynamic content.

Top 11 Application Server in 2021IBM


Apache Tomcat.

Oracle WebLogic.


IIS 7.5.

LiteSpeed Web Server.

vCenter Server.

Apache Server.


Phusion Passenger.