Linker Networks Extends its Auto-labeling Service to Microsoft Azure Stack Hub to Empower a New Generation of Customer Experiences

Linker Networks, Inc. (“Linker”) announced that it is bringing its AI-based auto-labeling with continuous learning service to Azure Stack Hub, an extension of the Azure cloud for consistently building and running hybrid applications. This integration enables customers in highly regulated industries, such as government, medical, security and mobile operator services who consider Azure Stack Hub a part of their core business strategy to embed Linker’s solution in their business process. At RSNA this year, Linker earns the opportunity that Microsoft will showcase the Linker platform built for medical imaging at one of the sessions.

Earlier this year in June, Linker launched its accurate, efficient and scalable auto-labeling platform on Microsoft Azure, which benefits vertically integrated segments such as the autonomous driving and manufacturing industries, helping companies to pre-process and generate training datasets efficiently for their AI development.

The technology takes data annotation efficiency and reliability to a whole new level and now it’s leveraging the technology to different industries. Moreover, this new integration with Azure Stack Hub delivers an end-to-end solution offering data processing and real-time inferencing. Further, with the deployment to Azure Stack Hub, companies can get faster insights with inference at the edge.

Linker now is working to utilize intelligent edge technology. This solution enables customers to keep their data and information within their own data center while giving them the ability to use Linker’s auto-labeling AI managed service in their business.

“We at Linker see Auto-labeling dataset processing plays an essential part in AI machine learning development. Our goal is to provide end-to-end AI solutions for various businesses in different industries. We are excited to have the privilege to work with Microsoft and to realize our service on Azure and Azure Stack,” – Paul Shieh, Founder, and CEO of Linker Networks

Natalia Mackevicius, General Manager, Azure Stack Hub, Microsoft added, “We are pleased to see Linker Networks extending its AI-based auto-labeling service to Azure Stack Hub and enable customers to label millions of data points for the development of their AI models. This new service will benefit a wide variety of customers looking to build models on the edge or prepare their data to move to the cloud.”

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