Letter: Don’t vote for a puppet, vote for Oberweis


I am supporting Jim Oberweis for Congress. I believe the Constitution is the most important governmental document conceived and the First Amendment to the Constitution is the key to our great society.

Peaceful protest is a foundation of our great country but rioting while protesting is a criminal act. Jim believes as I do in our Freedom of Speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment and our right to peaceful protest. Jim believes in the rule of law and has been an outspoken critic of the violence permeating our society.

Congressman Underwood has not condemned the violence and looting, per the Chicago Sun Times.

Yes, Black Lives Matter! However, all lives matter, including police, and one race does not take precedent over the other when it comes to the sanctity of life. Jim believes in the police and investing in them and their protection of law-abiding citizens.


Well over 99% of police are great people, risking their lives defending us against criminal activity. Defunding the police is an irrational stance supported by the Democrats, and of course Underwood was in lock-step with all the Democrats as soon as she got the memo from Pelosi, Madigan, and the rest of the Democratic machine; just like a puppet.

Jim Oberweis is pro-life, for the Second Amendment, tax and spending cuts, and growth. He is a business person who has had to manage a business including budgets, profit and losses, and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. Unlike his opponent who believes in full-term abortion, taking away your right to own guns for sport and defending yourself, increasing taxes, increasing the size of government, and stagnant growth; only ever having to manage her checkbook.a

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