Learn what it takes to become a cloud computing architect with this $39 bundle

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Companies traditionally deployed physical storage and systems to handle their infrastructure. However, cloud computing makes it easy for said enterprises to borrow storage and processing power to add to their network. As more companies migrate to the cloud, the demand for cloud computing architects has skyrocketed. If you’re interested in landing a job in this field, this $39 bundle is for you.

The Cloud Computing Architect Certification Bundle features 9 courses on how to become a cloud computing expert, as well as how to use services from leading cloud providers. Getting Started with Cloud Computing will serve as your introduction to the cloud, as it will illustrate the evolution of cloud technology, explain the Fire Characteristics of Cloud Computing, and teach you about different cloud service and deployment models.

Once you have the hang of it, you can get hands-on practice with Projects In Cloud Computing, which includes 69 lectures on cloud architecture, techniques, and emerging technologies. You can even specialize further into Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud, all of which are covered in this bundle.

Cloud computing makes it easier and cheaper than ever for companies to set up their infrastructure, so there will always be a need for cloud architects. You can learn what it takes to become one with the Cloud Computing Architect Certification Bundle, which is on sale for only $39, or 97% off.


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