Lab and Assignment 1 For 25 Oct 2021 – Docker Session

  1. What is Docker?
    1. Docker is container management tool. Docker has two release.
      1. Enterprise
      1. Community.
    2. Father of Docker is solomna hykes.
    3. It’s written in Golang.
    4. Latest version of Docker is 20.X

  1. 2. Container
    1. Container is runtime application environment where we can run the application.
    2. lightweight and has no OS , Kernel. Which has all resources to run which comes from root machine, independent run time environment and isolated.
  1. 3. Difference between docker pause and unpause?
Docker pauseDocker unpause
Suspends all processes in the specified containersUnsuspends all processes in the specified containers
  1. 4. What is the difference between docker stop and kill?
    1. Both used to stop the running container
Docker stopDocker Kill
It sends the SIGTERM signalIt Sends the SIGKILL