KUBERNETES for Beginners:

What is KUBERNETES :: Kubernetes is a platform where all the containers will be managed,where it perform auto- scaling,managing work loads,in short it is called as k8,it is written in go lang/go, it is available at github.com, it has master node and worker node


Why Kubernetes:: In real time need not to go down if we need 100 container to run the specific task we need to maintain it manually with out going it to down , at that time we use kubernetes to do that task, kubernetes will maintain the desired requirement it will automate if container goes down kubernetes will create a new container automatically


Kubernetes Architecuture::In kubernetes we have two notes master and worker in master node we have apiserver,scheduler ,cluster store, controller for high availability we can create upto 3 master , in worker node we have docker, kubelet, kube-proxy

How Kubernetes Works:: when a request comes apiserver will handle and the content will be stored in cluster-store,controller will controll all the managing task scheduler will schedule the task which container will do which task in worker node we can have any number of pod and each pod can contain any number of container but all the master and worker should be in one cluster

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