What is kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration which we can use to manage multiple docker posts. If there are many containers and need only some automation steps while starting them, we can use kubernetes. Kubernetes can be used when we have a very large microservices environment. Also, since kubernetes is an open source, development is always on the go which makes it more efficient.

Reasons of using kubernetes.

  1. Since we use can manage multiple dockers, it is flexible in multi-cloud environments.
  2. Kubernetes reduces the cost optimization.
  3. There are also architectural advantages while using kubernetes.
  4. It provides simplified and better performance.
  5. Kubernetes provides better scalability.

Components of kubernetes

  1. Control Panel : Control Panel components can run on any machine in the cluster and there a lot of clusters available and can be used for effective performance.
  2. etcd : etcd is a highly available and also very consistent key value store which is used in kubernetes backing store for all the data which is available in the cluster.
  3. kube-scheduler : For newly created pods which have not been assigned a node yet, the control panel watches that there is no node assigned and will assign a node for it to run on.
  4. kubelet : Kubelet is a primary node agent which runs on each node.
  5. Kube-controller-manager : Kube-controller-manager is a component which runs the controller processes.
  6. API : It is an interface which is used for managing the clusters.
  7. Kube-proxy : It is a network proxy that runs on the each node in the cluster.
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