KDDI and Ericsson achieve 5G cloud-native CI/CD software pipeline breakthrough

Ericsson CI/CD pipeline for cloud-native 5G Core standalone software deployment successfully tested
Ericsson solution enables fast and efficient delivery of new software and functionalities while maintaining network quality
Solution meets communications service provider software delivery needs for 5G networks

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and Japanese communications service provider KDDI have successfully demonstrated cloud-native CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipeline delivery for KDDI’s standalone 5G Core network – a breakthrough in delivering software features speedily and efficiently.

The container-based technology enables automatic deployment of new software and functionalities, while maintaining the high quality and availability of the 5G Core network.

Communications service providers need faster and more efficient software delivery models to reduce time-to-market for new features. Given the complexity of telecommunications networks – where solutions are often comprised of multivendor products with real time applications – legacy delivery mechanisms will be insufficient to cope with the demands of 5G networks. Ericsson’s cloud-native CI/CD delivery model addresses this challenge.

Ericsson and KDDI partnered to create a cross-organizational end-to-end 5G CI/CD pipeline – moving from native to virtualized and cloud-native network functions. The pipeline seamlessly deploys software from Ericsson’s product development units into the KDDI’s environment without human intervention.

The CI/CD pipeline speeds up the software acceptance process through the advanced automation of software distribution, deployment, validation and feedback, while reducing human-error risks.

It shortens time to market of new software from months to weeks. Ericsson’s CI/CD pipeline enabled KDDI to deploy complicated sliced and distributed network functions more easily through simplified workflows.

Jan Karlsson, Head of Business Area Digital Services, Ericsson, says: “Our market-leading 5G core and unique CI/CD capabilities mean faster time-to-market, higher performance and cost efficiency. Agile delivery of services while maintaining high quality and availability is a must in 5G Core networks. Our CI/CD end-to-end software pipeline achieves this. We are happy to continue to work with KDDI to automate their network operation.”

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