AMit7256Cloud computing is the on-demand provision of computing resources, database storage, apps, and other IT services through the web with a subscription-based cost model. Businesses and individuals can run a virtual server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform that can be used for a variety of tasks, applications and services.

To succeed in the game, businesses are constantly looking to attract and retain the best professionals. The enterprise adoption of cloud services models has led to new opportunities for businesses to make use of the benefits this technology offers. Business leaders can make use of a public cloud environment and deliver industry-disruptive new applications in a relatively short time and without fearing about the hardware resources.

Looking for employees with cloud skills is a challenging and costly endeavour. Organisations these days are finding it extremely difficult to hire and retain experts, particularly in roles needing advanced skills on technologies in the open-source space. So, organisations are giving due importance on both finding and building the skills in-house so they do not face infrastructure issues which may lead to losing the race. Also, given the rollout of new services from the three major cloud platform providers- Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and others, cloud training has to be constant so people can stay atop the technology.

Why Learning Cloud Skills May Be The Path To A Great Career

Cloud Computing is one of the most sought-after skills set in the world for the last few years. With organisations quickly shifting their hardware infrastructure and applications to cloud platforms, jobs are also expanding at a swift pace, making it one of the hottest fields in information technology.

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While many businesses have web applications today in their own environments, they also have to manage them responsibly, and this is a huge operational cost for them. At a time when there is a shortage of such skills, organisations are making training and talent hunt a priority.

If you talk about job trends and salaries, cloud is a domain that is booming. As the trend is likely to continue for years, this is one area of expertise that learners must not ignore.

According to LinkedIn Global Skillset Survey 2019, cloud computing was named as the leading skillset which companies are hunting for. A fresher with cloud skills and AWS certificates can earn an average of INR 5 to 7 lacs CTC in India, and with more than five years of professional experience, a person can easily make an average of INR 12 lacs CTC in the country, says PayScale.

Now, what can learners do to have access to comprehensive resources for having skills for the cloud? One major thing is to have access to content, training, collaboration tools which can push the students in the right path to put on top of the cloud computing game. There is no dearth of employment opportunities for those skilled in this space, particularly AWS. So, what learners need to do is develop skills so they can find jobs as a cloud developer/administrator or a system operator on any cloud platform after finishing a given training program.

Our Pick For A Kickstarter Course: PG Certificate In Cloud Computing

Now if you’re looking for a certificate course to get started in cloud, we may have one for you which can satisfy all the needs. The Post Graduate Certificate Program in Cloud Computing with Manipal Academy of Higher Education, in collaboration with AWS Educate, and powered by Jigsaw Academy is one of the few courses in the IT industry to provide lab experience for each task executed on cloud platforms. The program’s objective is to educate and certify learners on widely used technologies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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One of the most thorough cloud courses in India, this 6-month long program helps users learn cloud computing while giving an in-depth understanding of the most highly-utilised platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and hybrid techniques. The curriculum of the PG Certificate Program in Cloud Computing has been created by experts and architects who have held leadership positions, with more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry.

Now, you may ask why AWS is the focus of this program, the answer is quite simple. Just like Python skills are in massive demand for programming and data science, AWS skills lead the race when it comes to in-demand skills. AWS is the leading computing platform used by thousands and thousands of enterprises across the globe for hosting their products and services.

Apart from AWS cloud training, the course includes more than 100 hours of hands-on Lab training on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Open Stack and GCP. The hands-on exercises, quizzes and assignments are an integral part of learning to help learners in ever-changing technologies. It covers emerging technologies like Big Data, ML, DevOps, and IoT on AWS Platform. The course is custom designed for learners who wish to advance their career in the lucrative cloud computing space. @#

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