How to Apply For Software Engineering Internship


As it is the beginning of the new year and our mail inboxes are filled with graduate students’ emails for summer internship applications. But most of the time we received this kind of emails:


This shows that the applicant has not spent a single minute to research about the company and did not even bother to address the name or greetings. So, definitely, the question which you have asked is very much relevant for an internship applicant to – How to apply for an Internship? So, here are few suggestions from my end:

  • Never send blind emails in BULK.
  • Target few companies and write personalized emails.
  • Address the right person in the company. (Contact with someone in the company and ask them for the right person).
  • Keep the subject line and introduction short.
  • Research about the company’s engineering and stack’s they use (Check out their BLOG section to get the idea).
  • Highlight those stacks in your application. (Be mindful – company is not interested in what you know, they are interested in what you know that they can use).
  • You can emphasize on how you’d be a good addition to the team.
  • Have an online portfolio (LinkedIN profile – You can highlight all your project works in the portfolio)
  • Prepare a CV that highlights your strengths and modify it for the target company accordingly and keep your resume short. (Officials usually don’t spend more than 30 seconds to go through any resume.)

To all internship aspirants, next time you apply for an internship, not only for software companies in Chennai or Bangalore? – it’s for every software company, use this post as a checklist. All the best!

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