Google Cloud can store all your passwords

Google wants to help secure your passwords, and its new tool makes it simple.
Called Secret Manager, this Google Cloud service helps users store passwords, certificates and API keys. It is designed to be a centralised solution, a unified place for the safekeeping of secrets.
“Many applications require credentials to connect to a database, API keys to invoke a service, or certificates for authentication,” said Google developer advocate Seth Vargo and product manager Matt Driscoll.
“Managing and securing access to these secrets is often complicated by secret sprawl, poor visibility, or lack of integrations.”
Google built a similar tool in the past, called Berglas – an open-source, command-line type service. Users of Berglas will be able to migrate their passwords over to the new offering with ease.
Secret Manager’s other notable features include automatic and user-managed replication policies, first-class versioning, principles of least privilege, audit logging and VPC service control.
“Security is central to modern software development, and we’re excited to help you make your environment more secure by adding secrets management to our existing Google Cloud security product portfolio,” said Google.
“With Secret Manager, you can easily manage, audit, and access secrets like API keys and credentials across Google Cloud.”
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