Google Cloud announces three new solutions across database and data analytics portfolio


The preview is available for its solutions Dataplex, Analytics Hub and Datastream.
Google Cloud, at its inaugural Data Cloud Summit, has announced three new solutions across its database and data analytics portfolio.

The company has announced the preview availability of its solutions Dataplex, Analytics Hub and Datastream.

Datastream is the tech giant’s new serverless Change Data Capture (CDC) and replication service.

It enables customers to replicate data streams in real-time, from Oracle and MySQL databases to Google Cloud services such as BigQuery, Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Storage, and Cloud Spanner.

“This solution allows businesses to power real-time analytics, database replication, and event-driven architectures,” Google said.

Analytics Hub is a new capability that will enable companies to create, curate, and manage analytics exchanges securely and in real-time. The solution will allow customers to share data and insights, including dynamic dashboards and machine learning models inside and outside their organisation, securely. In addition, Analytics Hub enables organisations to combine enterprise datasets with unique Google, commercial, industry and public data, Google said. The preview for Analytics Hub will be launched soon.

Available in preview, “Dataplex is an intelligent data fabric which provides an integrated analytics experience.”

It will bring together Google Cloud capabilities and open-source to enable customers to rapidly curate, secure, integrate, and analyse their data at scale.

It has built-in data intelligence that leverages Google’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities.

“Data must be thought of as an ability that integrates all aspects of working with it. Every industry is accelerating their shift of being digital-first as they recognize data is the essential ingredient for value creation and the key to advancing their digital transformation,” said Gerrit Kazmaier, Vice President and General Manager, Databases, Data Analytics and Looker, Google Cloud.

“At Google Cloud, we’re committed to helping customers build the most powerful data cloud solution to unlock value and actionable, real-time insights, needed to future-proof their business,” added Kazmaier.

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