Easy way to know Kubernetes :

Introduction : Kubernetes actually made by google after some ages it is donated to CNCF in 2014 as a open source. It’s DNA matches with Borg & Omega. It is also called as K8.

What is Kubernetes ? kubernetes is a container orchestrator. It handles multiple nodes, multiple virtual machine, multiple physical machine. It can match of your desire state. like example – If we need 100 of container and suddenly the container stop working then kubernetes will be the only one who will take care of it.

Why Kubernetes ? Kubernetes makes every complex thing as easiest and its speed of deployment is very fast. It has the ability to spot the problem and recover the problem easily.

Kubernetes Architecture : kubernetes contains API server, Cluster store, Kube-control manager & Kube scheduler.

Kubernetes Works : We can call kubernetes as superviser because it supervise the situations like it starts the container and shutdown the container when its needed.

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