DORA and Google to collaborate on DevOps research

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DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) has announced a new research project between DORA and Google Cloud: The Accelerate State of DevOps Report. Together, DORA and Google Cloud will conduct original, in-depth research to understand what issues matter most to developers. The two companies aim to unlock new findings that will give their customers a clear path forward with guidance to improve resource management, productivity and quality of their IT teams.

“Our customers migrate to the cloud to change how they approach IT- how they write software, how they operate their businesses and how they differentiate. They’re in the business of transformation,” said Sam Ramji, VP of Product Management, Google Cloud. “DORA’s rigor and experience in conducting this type of research will help give all cloud users a roadmap for transforming their organizations.”

The team at DORA – Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim – is committed to helping organizations understand their unique strengths and opportunities by identifying areas to focus resources in order to improve performance.

DORA says they are excited to continue this conversation with the community and their newest addition, Google.

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