Docker Learning Priyanta

What is Docker?

Docker is used to create containers for running the application in cloud. It helps to package the application into containers including source code and dependencies.

What is Container?

Container is used to package the application only with its code and dependencies so that it can run in any infrastructure. It reduces the bugs that we can get while transferring the code from developers machine. It can run any platform.

Commands for container

attach — attaches input , output

cp — copies files/folder from local to container

create — create new container

diff — identifies changes

exec — run a command in a running container

Commands for Docker image

build — build an image

ex = docker build myimage

history — shows the history of a imaged

pull — pull image from registry

push — push image from registry

rm — removes images

Commands for Docker registry

run — start the registry

tag — tagging the docker image to registry

stop registry — for stopping the registry

pull – instructs the docker to pull an image

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