Day2 Assignment’s

What is docker update and docker wait? Explain with example commands.

update : Update configuration of one or more containers

docker update f4d703072499

Wait : wait Block until one or more containers stop, then print their exit codes

docker wait f4d703072499

Can be overriddenCannot be overridden
Cannot append additional paramsCan be appended
Command to run when container starts or arg to ENTRYPOINT if specifiedAlways first command to run when container starts
Multiple times can be added in the dockerfile but the last line will override the previousSame behavior as CMD
Treated as additional param when it is used along with ENTRYPOINTAlways the main command

what is tempfs in docker volume and how it use it?

If you’re running Docker on Linux, you have a third option: tmpfs mounts. … When you create a container with a tmpfs mount, the container can create files outside the container’s writable layer. As opposed to volumes and bind mounts, a tmpfs mount is temporary, and only persisted in the host memory.