Nurudeen Popoola – Day 1 – What is DevOps and compare with SRE and DevSecOps?

1. DevOps stands for Combination of development and operation teams.

2. DevOps is meant to reduce the friction between development and operation teams in order to reduce time to market for application and to improve overall customer success.

3. DevOps tools include:

  1. Linux
  2. Git and GitHub
  3. Maven
  4. Jenkins
  5. Docker
  6. Kubernetes
  7. Terraform

4. DevOps’s main objective is to reduce friction between development and operation team members for faster application release. SRE is a software approach to solving engineering problems by ensuring system stability, reliability, and availability.

5. DevSecOps is a software Development approach that put security management into perspective during the development process. It is a combination of 3 teams – Development, Security, and Operation.

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