What is DevOps?

DevOps is an approach or culture where an organization is able to deliver services or applications
with a good quality release and also faster. When the process of delivering applications is faster,
it serves the clients in a more effective and competent way. DevOps is also about removing the barriers
between different teams which ultimately says that all teams are one when working towards a project.
All the teams starting from design to development , testing, and the deployment and release. In DevOps,
it is a priority to deliver the application as fast as possible.

10 Advantages of DevOps
  1. DevOps is much faster in delivering services or applications.
  2. With the increase in working or developing the rate of releasing applications also increases.
  3. DevOps ensures that the application or service which has been ready for release is of the best quality.
  4. By the approach of DevOps, communication for any problem will be easy and can be rectified quickly.
  5. In DevOps, all the teams combine together to form as a single team which results in less conflicts.
  6. Reduces costs and burden on people and process.
  7. Automated testing based on continuous integration.
  8. Useful feedback and monitoring throughout.
  9. Smoother workflow in organizations as everyone work together as one team.
  10. With increase in releases, there will constantly be an upgrade in the application or service.

Top 10 tools used in DevOps.

  1. Docker
  2. Git
  3. Jenkins
  4. AWS
  5. Kubernetes
  6. Azure
  7. Chef
  8. Gradle
  9. GCP
  10. Puppet
Popular DevOps Tools Review. Popular DevOps tools review | by M. Altun |  Clarusway | Medium

How to implement DevOps?

For the implementation of DevOps, there should be a continuous development process. From gathering the information for the requirements , designing, implementing, verification, maintenance and deployment, it is all a continuous process. The whole team will come together to get the project done as early as possible for the release. For providing a better quality application or service, there will always be continuous evaluation and checking with every process.

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